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Testament – Will Executors – Inheritance

A will (lat. Testamentum) is an order of death, so a rule for the succession. Often, the will is also referred to as a testamentary disposition.

According to Swiss law, strict rules are set for the preparation of the will as well as for the distribution of inheritance. For example, the will must be written completely by hand or signed by an authorised documentary in the presence of two witnesses. In addition, the statutory compulsory portion is to be observed, for disinheritance in Switzerland, the hurdles are very high.

The will ensures that your wishes are fulfilled after your death. In this way, the testator can also attach the free quota to conditions.


We as executors 

Even if everything is clearly regulated in the will, the distribution of the estate is very emotional and demanding for many families.

We as official executors are subject to official supervision and, as legal representatives of the testator, take his interests as well as his last will into account.

Our tasks are to do this:

  1. Obtaining the death certificate, submission of wills/inheritance contract, inventory of assets and liabilities taking into account property and achievement, first heirs’ meeting,…
  2. Opening of the will, preparation of the inventory, correspondence with AHV, pension fund, banks, insurance companies, tax inventory, preparation of tax returns on the day of death,…
  3. If necessary, inheritance tax proceedings, preparation of inheritance distribution, preparation of inheritance accounting, distribution proposal, inheritance distribution contract,…
  4. Implementation of the division of the estate, offsetting of the accounts, rewriting / change of ownership of the real estate, final report, final meeting, …

As executors, we ensure that your estate is managed and distributed according to your wishes.

Our services

  • Estate advice
  • Estate administration
  • Administration of communities of heirs
  • Preparation of wills
  • Advance inheritance consultation
  • Gifts
  • Marriage and inheritance contracts
  • Division of estates

The estate is the totality of assets and obligations left behind by a deceased person.



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