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Helena Schnellmann
Chartered Specialist in Accounting an FM
Federal Diploma of Higher Education

International Accounting

Internationally oriented companies that require capital or have to meet high reporting standards towards stakeholders cannot avoid internationally recognised accounting standards. In principle, a SWISS GAAP financial statement prepared in conformance with commercial law supports your negotiating position with investors and banks.

Outsourcing “accounting” to the accounting specialists at excent not only enables concentration of resources on the core business, but in addition to rolling tax optimisation, it eliminates significant accounting risks and evens out peaks at the end of the year.

While the legal regulations for commercial accounting comprise thirty pages, the standards of SWISS-GAAP encompass several hundred pages.

In order to comply with the provisions of SWISS GAAP and not to take any legal, tax, or technical accounting risks, on the one hand enormous expertise is required, and on the one hand significant resources. From a business point of view, it hardly makes sense for a company to undertake such risks and effort in-house.

Helena Schnellmann
Teamleader Unit I

Your added value with excent:

  • Deep, comprehensive and established expertise
  • Lean cost structure, high efficiency
  • Rapid problem-solving competence
  • Personnel independence
  • Increased response speed
  • Revision and ICS security

The accounting recommendations (Swiss GAAP FER) are Swiss accounting standards that give a true and fair view of the net assets, financial position and results of operations.



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